Get Peace of Mind for Your Business Data with Remote Backup

Statistically, most businesses that lose access to their datacenters for more than 10 days are out of business permanently within six months, with most going out of business immediately. Paper records alone are not enough in today’s business. Business dictates that a secure, offsite copy of critical data be maintained.

Leaving the security of your data to chance is a huge gamble. PCs, telephones, furniture and even entire office buildings can be replaced. Data is not only intangible and irreplaceable without a backup copy, but also it is the single most valuable asset of your business. You may have warranties and insurance on many items in and around your office, but chances are your data is not protected. Due to the complicated nature of calculating value, most insurance policies strictly limit the amount of coverage for computer data, files and records.

The Solution…

By using an intelligent file selection process, state-of-the-art encryption and compression technologies, and your internet connection, you protect your most valuable asset …Your Data!

Changed files will be backed up daily to ensure a current virtual data file can be restored. The system works automatically, on schedule, and usually runs at night when the office is empty. The solution is secure to the point that no one except for you — not even MIDCON technicians — can ever view or use your data.

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