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Record Storage in Edmond, OK

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Records are one of a practice’s most valuable assets.  Improper records storage exposes a company to the potential loss of data, creating liability and potentially violating legal guidelines.  MidCon specializes in secure, climate controlled storage for businesses in any industry and at any scale.  Our clientele includes legal, medical, and oil and gas customers.

MidCon provides cost-effective solutions for records storage in Oklahoma City.   We have served hundreds clients across a variety of industries. From industrial scale storage to small businesses, we will fulfill your storage requirements.

State of The Art Facilities

Our facilities keep records in perfect condition, and our security standards are the highest in the industry.  All of our facilities are equipped with temperature and humidity control to prevent degradation from environmental factors. We have also built in fire suppression systems, solid shelving, and seismic absorption.  We guarantee you will not find a more cost-effective and comprehensive storage solution in the OKC metro.

Many businesses attempt to store records on-site or through self storage facilities.  However, environmental conditions in Oklahoma necessitate climate controlled storage, otherwise documents are exposed to degradation through humidity, temperature fluctuations, earthquake, and extreme weather events. On-site storage requires the devotion of limited floor space and staffing.  If staff are not trained in indexing and proper storage procedures then you risk losing data to damage or misplacement.

Unbeatable Service

We are proud of are unbeatable customer service.  Our staff is highly trained in records handling, storage, and retrieval.  When you sign up with MidCon you will have access to world class indexing and file retrieval services. Our central OKC location is easily accessible, ensuring you can quickly retrieve documents whenever you need to.  Simply send a request, and we will have your data retrieved and ready to go.

Save company time, money and resources by using secure, climate controlled, off-site storage.  We eliminate the hassle of document storage, archiving, and retrieval. Give us a call today for a free quote and see how we can meet your storage needs.

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