Just Shred It!

In life there are always moments when we realize just how messy things have gotten. We finally take a breath and look at the overflowing dishwasher, the bulging bag of laundry and the overgrown lawn with knee-high grass. It’s a humbling moment; a moment when we finally notice just how out of control things have gotten. It’s also an important moment—one when things finally start changing.

At the office, things tend to get worse before they get better. Especially when it comes to organizing (or NOT organizing) your documents and files. 

According to a new CareerBuilder.com survey 16% of workers say their desks are 75% or more covered with work and other random materials. 38% say that they believe more than half of their desktop is covered. Moreover, the survey uncovered that 13% of people have files that date back 5 years or more.

At MIDCON we know that many offices simply don’t take the time to destroy their sensitive documents. They let files pile up until they can’t take it anymore and then hurriedly toss them in the garbage. This is not acceptable and it could put your business in jeopardy. 

Why should you shred your documents, you ask? Here are 3 great reasons!

  • Prevent Identity Theft
  • Lower The Risk of a Security Breach
  • Decrease Environmental Impact

MIDCON Shredding--one of MIDCON Data's offshoots--offers a wide range of of services that can service business large and small. With our years of experience, helping businesses succeed, we understand what it takes to tailor our services so you receive the best possible results. When it comes to shredding and protecting sensitive documents—we are the best of the best. 

Services We Offer:

  • Certified Shredding and Document Destruction
  • Certified Media and Hard Drive Destruction
  • On-Site Document Shredding and Destruction
  • Protect Against Identity Theft
  • Recycling 

Moreover, being green counts! MIDCON knows the importance of being respectful to our environment, which is why we recycle 100% of the paper we shred. When it comes to those papers pouring out of your desk or peeking out of your bag, it’s important to take a second glance, and then reassess your data destruction systems. 

Even though cleaning is difficult, chances are after you’ve gotten your home and business in order, you’ll feel more productive and more focused in the long run. 

What does your business do to prevent document buildup?