DIY Disaster

We all know what an awful DIY looks like. That extra wobbly chair you tried to fix or the armoire you tried (and failed) to refurbish with a few paintbrush strokes. How about one of those intricate desserts you tried making yourself? But rather than a beautiful dish, you ended up covered in flour, sobbing on the kitchen floor. There’s a reason there’s an entire website dedicated to so-called “Pinterest Fails.” They’re funny, sad, and relatable.


However, when it comes to your business’ data—it’s no laughing matter.


At MIDCON, we are all about hiring professionals when dealing with something as important as your data. This goes for Self-Storage versus our Secure climate controlled, data storage sites. While Self Storage may appear cost efficient, it’s important you understand the implications of DIY-ing your data. 


Self storage is actually not the most cost effective solution. With Self storage you have to purchase your shelving, you’re charged by the unit, you have to pay for empty spaces, and you don’t have any knowledge of the types of things that are being stored around you or who is actually handling those sensitive documents. However, at MIDCON our secured storage facilities are not only able to withstand Oklahoma’s weather, but it is professionally monitored, and you aren’t expected to pay for empty space you don’t use.  What’s more, we provide off-site secure, climate-controlled document storage. Whether it’s physical documents, magnetic media or electronic data, we provide record management and storage from inception to destruction, all while maintaining a complete chain of custody of each and every document. We offer MIDCON’s proprietary online Data Management Software so you can manage your records remotely allowing you to rest easy knowing that your documents are safe.


You don’t want your DIY to turn into a disaster, and that is what’s likely to happen if you don’t invest in a company that knows data security and data storage. Your business deserves the best, and with a track record of success in the OKC metro, MIDCON is the obvious choice for the job.