Let’s Talk about Document Management

In the business world, it seems we’re constantly confronted with the “next big thing.” New technology shifts, big unveilings and compliance changes happen so fast it’s difficult to keep up. Many times, as a business, doing business is the main focus; however, when it comes to keeping up with these nuanced changes, it’s easy to fall behind. This is where Document Management Systems come in. 

A Document Management System (DMS) is a system that can be incorporated in order to manage your documents and track information, and all the while reducing the use of paper. Yep, it’s even green!  At MIDON Data we understand DMS and how significant it is for your business. As this application allows customers to manage both off-site records and in-house documents, it fits business big and small, new and old. We’ve decided to lay out 5 big benefits of DMS so you can see if it fits your unique situation. 

1.) Secured access-Data security is so important in this day and age, which is why our DMS includes secured access to crucial, significant data. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to get back to doing what you do best—run your business. 

2.) Remote access 24/7-You’re constantly on the go, and access to your data shouldn’t stop when you leave the confines of your office. With DMS you have the ability to access your data any time any place, because your time matters

3.) Help-desk support/ IT support- Sometime you need a little support. With MIDCON Data’s DMS, experienced, knowledgable professionals are “on call” for you and your business. This is worth its weight in documents. 

4.) The ability to schedule delivery and pickup of orders- With a single click and drag, you’re able to do business wherever you are without the hassle of coordination. We know that scheduling orders is crucial to taking your business into the twenty first century. 

5.) Image repository for scanned documents- This allows you to view important documents on the go. You’re able to engage in important referencing, establish goals wherever you are, and toggle through important information without having to download again and again. 

Do you have a DMS program set up? What benefits have you seen with DMS?