An Attitude Shift

An Attitude Shift

 That could never happen to me.

 This attitude seems to be, in many cases, famous last words. Everyone hates hearing bad news on the radio or on television, and they might even give condolences through Facebook posts, texts, or tweets; however, deep down the thought of imminent danger is miles away for many individuals. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunate things can happen to you. They happen every single day to small businesses and big businesses and rich people and poor people. In many cases, difficult situations do not discriminate. 

 As responsible citizens, we buy insurance to help spare the blow of catastrophes. We see the doctor when we’re feeling sick. However, when it comes to computer data, considering protection options falls at the very (very!) bottom of the to-do list. 

 Repeat after me, though: Data breaches can happen to you. 

 In fact a story by KFOR entitled “Oklahoma lawyer’s files being held for ransom by encrypto virus” is the most recent in an onslaught of data breaches.

 A local lawyer’s information was essentially held ransom by encrypt viruses and those responsible for the virus demanded payment before they would provide access to files that were legally his. 

 Yes, situations like these may seem unlikely; however, fraud, stolen identities, and online hackers are increasing by the minute. Rather than embody an attitude of “that could never happen to me,” at MIDCON we encourage you to be proactive. In the same way you purchase home insurance and car insurance, why not do what needs to be done in order to protect precious data that is crucial to both your business and personal life? Shift your attitude and make the move toward a better tomorrow through reaching out to a representative at MIDCON.

 Who are we?

We have a two-fold approach to protecting your data--MIDCON Recovery Solutions and MIDCON Data Services.  

 At MIDCON Recovery Solutions,we offer customer based solutions centered around a bunkered datacenter in Oklahoma City. Our facility is constructed to eliminate the threats of today's world.  

 At MIDCON Data Services we focus on full-service Document Management and Storage Business. We provide Off-Site secure, climate-controlled document storage. Whether it’s physical documents, magnetic media or electronic data, we provide record management and storage from inception to destruction, all while maintaining a complete chain of custody for each and every document. 

 Proactive attitudes generally adapt better to catastrophe or difficult situations because they have something no hacker can take from them—peace of mind. 

 What’s something you felt could never happen to you, but actually happened?