MIDCON Christmas Party

Ah, the MIDCON Christmas Party – the perfect way to wrap up 2016. It was a holly jolly night with spectacular food, delicious refreshments, live music and the best darn team anywhere. 

We truly enjoyed sharing this special time with the MIDCON team and thank each of you for your hard work and dedication.

Relive the fun and check out the photos from the event below.

MIDCON Fall Family Picnic

The MIDCON team came together to enjoy fun activities and celebrate their successes this year at a Fall Family Picnic in October. There was a great turnout and smiles all around! 

Thank you to everyone for your hard work and dedication to making MIDCON a wonderful place to work. It was great to spend time enjoying the beautiful fall weather with all of your families. 

As we look forward to planning the next event, please enjoy these photos from the picnic.

MIDCON Data Services Acquires Storage Assets and Facilities from Indel Davis, Expanding Reach in Houston and Tulsa Markets

Company expansion shifts greater focus on oil and gas
still practicing traditional record management

TULSA, Okla. (October 5, 2016) – MIDCON Data Services, a privately owned and operated data management and seismic brokerage company, announced today it has acquired the storage assets and storage facilities from Tulsa based Indel Davis. MIDCON will expand into Houston, bringing the company an opportunity to provide a different market services surrounding seismic data catered to the oil and gas industry as well as traditional records management and document storage. This acquisition also allows MIDCON to continue growth in Tulsa, obtaining new resources that will serve to enhance the company’s established presence in Oklahoma and increase the company’s ability to effectively and efficiently manage data tailored to this specialty sector.

"Indel Davis is known as a leading international distributor and carries a complete line of printing media for seismic well logging, CAD, architectural and engineering communities,” said Randy Allen, CEO, MIDCON Data Services. “The range of capabilities surrounding data management and seismic data insight Indel Davis offers aligns with MIDCON’s services. The acquisition of Indel Davis allows us to strengthen our presence in Tulsa while also expanding our services to Houston, enabling us to elevate our seismic data services to a larger market. We are eager to begin operations in Houston and are looking forward to continuing growth and expansion in Tulsa.”

Founded in 1991 as a seismic data management company for the oil-and-gas industry, MIDCON has grown into one of the largest data management and storage companies in the region with offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. While the company previously expanded to include data management for the financial, legal and retail sectors, oil and gas remains the company’s largest business sector.

“We understand the critical role data management plays in multiple industries. We offer data services that enable our clients to make educated decisions when it comes to their business and specialty sector. Oil and gas represents our largest sector and the acquisition of Indel Davis furthers our ability to assist and equip this industry with vital seismic intel,” Allen said.

Indel Davis Owner Gail Runnels said, “MIDCON was chosen by Indel Storage as its successor because of a superior customer satisfaction ranking, financial strength and the range of services

for clientele storage offered. We are certain they will carry on the high level of attention to client needs that we have given over the last several decades.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Indel Davis employees to our operations and look forward to adding their expertise in data management to our business,” said Trey Cole Director of Operations, MIDCON Data Services.


MIDCON Inc. is a closely-held, private Oklahoma data management and storage corporation with uniquely positioned divisions allowing the strength and experience of each business to support the growth of the others. The divisions are MIDCON Data Services, LLC.; MIDCON Seismic Data Brokerage; MIDCON Recovery Solutions, LLC.; and MIDCON Property Management, LLC.

Never Overpay for Shredding Again

Odds are, you’re losing money on shredding services.

Time is money, so let’s get straight to the facts.

No Need to Overpay

Many shredding companies price their services at a cost of $80 a month or more. The truth is, $80 a month is far more than overpaying.  MIDCON Shredding, an offshoot of MIDCON Data, offers shredding services for less than half that price, $35 a month.

A switch to MIDCON could drastically cut your shredding expenses. For our low price, you gain monthly shredding trips services without sacrificing quality, confidentiality or security—all of the benefits for a much lower price.

MIDCON’s Offer

For $35 a month, MIDCON Shredding will make one trip per month to your business. We will provide you with a standard secure console to drop your sensitive documents in throughout the month. On the day of shredding, you won’t have to do a thing. A MIDCON employee will arrive and shred your documents on site for added security.

But MIDCON isn’t just some company with a low price; MIDCON is a trusted group of professionals with superior qualifications.


MIDCON Shredding has been serving a variety of businesses for more than 20 years. From international corporations to local startups, businesses in Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas trust MIDCON to secure their sensitive documents. All of our shredding services are in compliance with the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID), and all of our employees go through background checks and rigorous training, so you can be sure that your documents and your customers’ information will be professionally disposed of. Additionally, MIDCON Shredding recycles 100% of the paper we shred.

Protecting Your Data in the Information Age

Your identity and information are your greatest assets. So why wouldn’t you protect them at all cost? The Internet can be a dangerous place: hackers and scammers are constantly bombarding Internet users. According to an Identity Theft information site, approximately 15 million United States residents have their identities stolen and used fraudulently each year. Don’t be one of those 15 million—protect yourself from identity theft! Protect your data! 

There are several ways in which you can save yourself from the devastation of a stolen identity, and we’ve got some tips for you.  

Protecting your data on your mobile device

In the age of Internet shopping and mobile payment methods, protecting important data is even harder—but it is imperative. Making sure that your device software is always up to date will ensure that your security features are working at their best; and, while it may be a hassle, completely logging out of a session in which you have submitted personal information is a great way of ensuring safety. 

Above all, treat your phone or mobile device like a computer, backing up important files and getting device insurance when needed.  You should also be familiar with the ways in which you can remotely erase the data on your device in the event that it gets stolen. 

Protecting your data on your desktop and laptop

In your home, you keep your valuables locked away in the event of a burglary. Why not do the same with your computer files? It is always good to have a backup plan, so just in case your antivirus software or security site fails to do its job, you can still have your data protected and on lockdown. Most times you already have the resources—look into built-in abilities to password protect documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and more.

How do you know which files should be on lockdown? We suggest you enlist the help of Identity Finder 5.0 or similar software; this tool scans your system for user-specific and sensitive data and will offer options such as deletion and encryption to protect the data. 

Don’t forget that while all these processes will help you protect your data and your identity, the best way to ensure no one has access to your personal data is to destroy it. Data that is easiest to protect is data that does not exist. Shred more, worry less!

Call us today or visit our website and we can get you set up. Call (405) 478-1234. 


The Power of Data

When it comes to data, with great power comes great responsibility

Businesses run on plans, vision and inevitably, paperwork. Sensitive data encompasses everyone involved in a company, from stakeholder to client. Properly disposing of these physical documents is a crucial safeguard against information security breaches and identity theft. 

The Bureau of Department Statistics reported in Victims of Identity Theft, 2014 that 17.6 million U.S. residents 16 or older fell victim to identity theft that year. To combat this, 31 states and Puerto Rico have data disposal laws which mandate that entities make personal information undecipherable upon disposal.

In the wrong hands even seemingly useless scraps of information can be exploited. This risk is magnified in business settings, since companies possess an abundance of data and information. The proper disposal of these is integral to security.

There are a few ways to destroy documents, such as burning or pulping papers by soaking them in bleach but shredding is by far the most practical. It’s fast, clean and doesn’t require a bon-fire. 

There are three types of shredders, strip-cut, cross-cut and micro-cut. The strip-cut shreds paper into ribbons, the cross-cut reduces paper to small tabs and the micro-cut transfigures your sensitive documents into confetti. 

While shredding is essential to data security, the absolute volume of sensitive physical data that businesses produce can make it a cumbersome endeavor. Professional shredding companies, like Midcon Shredding, alleviate the burden by offering certified data and document destruction, and on site document destruction and shredding. They also recycle to reduce environmental damage. 

Important documents tumbling into the wrong hands, or being pieced together painstakingly by ill-intentioned criminals, can create complications and chaos. Fortunately, this apparition of identity theft is defeated easily by properly destroying data. Shredding, as such, is not an extra security precaution but an indispensable business practice.

Just Shred It!

In life there are always moments when we realize just how messy things have gotten. We finally take a breath and look at the overflowing dishwasher, the bulging bag of laundry and the overgrown lawn with knee-high grass. It’s a humbling moment; a moment when we finally notice just how out of control things have gotten. It’s also an important moment—one when things finally start changing.

At the office, things tend to get worse before they get better. Especially when it comes to organizing (or NOT organizing) your documents and files. 

According to a new CareerBuilder.com survey 16% of workers say their desks are 75% or more covered with work and other random materials. 38% say that they believe more than half of their desktop is covered. Moreover, the survey uncovered that 13% of people have files that date back 5 years or more.

At MIDCON we know that many offices simply don’t take the time to destroy their sensitive documents. They let files pile up until they can’t take it anymore and then hurriedly toss them in the garbage. This is not acceptable and it could put your business in jeopardy. 

Why should you shred your documents, you ask? Here are 3 great reasons!

  • Prevent Identity Theft
  • Lower The Risk of a Security Breach
  • Decrease Environmental Impact

MIDCON Shredding--one of MIDCON Data's offshoots--offers a wide range of of services that can service business large and small. With our years of experience, helping businesses succeed, we understand what it takes to tailor our services so you receive the best possible results. When it comes to shredding and protecting sensitive documents—we are the best of the best. 

Services We Offer:

  • Certified Shredding and Document Destruction
  • Certified Media and Hard Drive Destruction
  • On-Site Document Shredding and Destruction
  • Protect Against Identity Theft
  • Recycling 

Moreover, being green counts! MIDCON knows the importance of being respectful to our environment, which is why we recycle 100% of the paper we shred. When it comes to those papers pouring out of your desk or peeking out of your bag, it’s important to take a second glance, and then reassess your data destruction systems. 

Even though cleaning is difficult, chances are after you’ve gotten your home and business in order, you’ll feel more productive and more focused in the long run. 

What does your business do to prevent document buildup? 

DIY Disaster

We all know what an awful DIY looks like. That extra wobbly chair you tried to fix or the armoire you tried (and failed) to refurbish with a few paintbrush strokes. How about one of those intricate desserts you tried making yourself? But rather than a beautiful dish, you ended up covered in flour, sobbing on the kitchen floor. There’s a reason there’s an entire website dedicated to so-called “Pinterest Fails.” They’re funny, sad, and relatable.


However, when it comes to your business’ data—it’s no laughing matter.


At MIDCON, we are all about hiring professionals when dealing with something as important as your data. This goes for Self-Storage versus our Secure climate controlled, data storage sites. While Self Storage may appear cost efficient, it’s important you understand the implications of DIY-ing your data. 


Self storage is actually not the most cost effective solution. With Self storage you have to purchase your shelving, you’re charged by the unit, you have to pay for empty spaces, and you don’t have any knowledge of the types of things that are being stored around you or who is actually handling those sensitive documents. However, at MIDCON our secured storage facilities are not only able to withstand Oklahoma’s weather, but it is professionally monitored, and you aren’t expected to pay for empty space you don’t use.  What’s more, we provide off-site secure, climate-controlled document storage. Whether it’s physical documents, magnetic media or electronic data, we provide record management and storage from inception to destruction, all while maintaining a complete chain of custody of each and every document. We offer MIDCON’s proprietary online Data Management Software so you can manage your records remotely allowing you to rest easy knowing that your documents are safe.


You don’t want your DIY to turn into a disaster, and that is what’s likely to happen if you don’t invest in a company that knows data security and data storage. Your business deserves the best, and with a track record of success in the OKC metro, MIDCON is the obvious choice for the job. 


Let’s Talk about Document Management

In the business world, it seems we’re constantly confronted with the “next big thing.” New technology shifts, big unveilings and compliance changes happen so fast it’s difficult to keep up. Many times, as a business, doing business is the main focus; however, when it comes to keeping up with these nuanced changes, it’s easy to fall behind. This is where Document Management Systems come in. 

A Document Management System (DMS) is a system that can be incorporated in order to manage your documents and track information, and all the while reducing the use of paper. Yep, it’s even green!  At MIDON Data we understand DMS and how significant it is for your business. As this application allows customers to manage both off-site records and in-house documents, it fits business big and small, new and old. We’ve decided to lay out 5 big benefits of DMS so you can see if it fits your unique situation. 

1.) Secured access-Data security is so important in this day and age, which is why our DMS includes secured access to crucial, significant data. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to get back to doing what you do best—run your business. 

2.) Remote access 24/7-You’re constantly on the go, and access to your data shouldn’t stop when you leave the confines of your office. With DMS you have the ability to access your data any time any place, because your time matters

3.) Help-desk support/ IT support- Sometime you need a little support. With MIDCON Data’s DMS, experienced, knowledgable professionals are “on call” for you and your business. This is worth its weight in documents. 

4.) The ability to schedule delivery and pickup of orders- With a single click and drag, you’re able to do business wherever you are without the hassle of coordination. We know that scheduling orders is crucial to taking your business into the twenty first century. 

5.) Image repository for scanned documents- This allows you to view important documents on the go. You’re able to engage in important referencing, establish goals wherever you are, and toggle through important information without having to download again and again. 

Do you have a DMS program set up? What benefits have you seen with DMS?

An Attitude Shift

An Attitude Shift

 That could never happen to me.

 This attitude seems to be, in many cases, famous last words. Everyone hates hearing bad news on the radio or on television, and they might even give condolences through Facebook posts, texts, or tweets; however, deep down the thought of imminent danger is miles away for many individuals. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunate things can happen to you. They happen every single day to small businesses and big businesses and rich people and poor people. In many cases, difficult situations do not discriminate. 

 As responsible citizens, we buy insurance to help spare the blow of catastrophes. We see the doctor when we’re feeling sick. However, when it comes to computer data, considering protection options falls at the very (very!) bottom of the to-do list. 

 Repeat after me, though: Data breaches can happen to you. 

 In fact a story by KFOR entitled “Oklahoma lawyer’s files being held for ransom by encrypto virus” is the most recent in an onslaught of data breaches. 


 A local lawyer’s information was essentially held ransom by encrypt viruses and those responsible for the virus demanded payment before they would provide access to files that were legally his. 

 Yes, situations like these may seem unlikely; however, fraud, stolen identities, and online hackers are increasing by the minute. Rather than embody an attitude of “that could never happen to me,” at MIDCON we encourage you to be proactive. In the same way you purchase home insurance and car insurance, why not do what needs to be done in order to protect precious data that is crucial to both your business and personal life? Shift your attitude and make the move toward a better tomorrow through reaching out to a representative at MIDCON.

 Who are we?

We have a two-fold approach to protecting your data--MIDCON Recovery Solutions and MIDCON Data Services.  

 At MIDCON Recovery Solutions,we offer customer based solutions centered around a bunkered datacenter in Oklahoma City. Our facility is constructed to eliminate the threats of today's world.  

 At MIDCON Data Services we focus on full-service Document Management and Storage Business. We provide Off-Site secure, climate-controlled document storage. Whether it’s physical documents, magnetic media or electronic data, we provide record management and storage from inception to destruction, all while maintaining a complete chain of custody for each and every document. 

 Proactive attitudes generally adapt better to catastrophe or difficult situations because they have something no hacker can take from them—peace of mind. 

 What’s something you felt could never happen to you, but actually happened? 

Shredding Day At The Capitol

MIDCON partnered with Attorney General Scott Pruitt to make free shredding available to the public as part of Consumer Protection Day.

MIDCON Shredding is only one of MIDCON’s data management companies; whether it be data co location, conservation, or elimination, MIDCON handles storing your data, backing up your data, housing your data, and as seen at the Oklahoma State Capitol, shredding your data. Thousands of sensitive documents were shredded and recycled last Monday. At least 6,000 pounds of data was shredded, according to MIDCON workers. Not only are events like this easy ways to keep your information safe, but it’s a great impact on the environment. After the paper is shredded it is taken to the recycling plant where is can be reused into everyday paper items.

MIDCON along with other companies and groups were available to speak with inside the Rotunda inside the Capitol building. Here business professionals, including MIDCON’s own Greg Blakely, offered tips and services to protect your data against disaster, fraud, and the most common problems consumers and businesses alike face today.

Here you can find a link to the article from KOCO and a link to more information from the Attorney General’s Public Protection Agency.