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Media Storage in Oklahoma City, OK

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Media storage is a considerable challenge in Oklahoma.  The climate can quickly degrade electronics, especially with analog systems.  Along with earthquakes, extreme weather events, and security concerns finding an ideal storage solution poses a serious problem to many businesses with significant media assets.  Furthermore, media need to be well organized and indexed for quick retrieval, a skill that most staffs are not equipped to consistently perform.

MidCon maintains multiple facilities designed for off-site media storage.  All of our vault are electronically monitored, secure, climate controlled, and feature automated zoned fire suppression systems and alarms. You will not find a more affordable and comprehensive media storage solution in OKC.

Rotation Services

MidCon offers custom media backup rotation services.  We can rotate daily, weekly, or monthly according to business needs.  We eliminate the hassle of storage by offering pick up and delivery to your office.  All items are tracked through a bar coding system, ensuring the exact location media is known at all times.


We are also well equipped for media conversions.  Our team can convert from and to most common formats including  9 track, 8mm DLT, 3480, LTO, Colorado, DVD, CD, External Drives,  FTP Site, Enterprise Level SAN, Floppy Disk (5 ¼ and 3 ½ ) and G&G Formats: SEGB, SEGC, SEGD, SEGY, SEGP1, West Code 4, video conversion (beta, VHS tapes, 8mm, etc.)

Bunkered Storage

For especially sensitive material ask about our bunkered data storage.  Our datacenter storage facility is seismic rated, in addition to top of the line security, fire suppression, and climate control.

Save company time, money and resources by using secure, climate controlled, off-site storage.  We eliminate the hassle of media storage, archiving, and retrieval. Give us a call today for a free quote and see how we can meet your storage needs.

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