Seismic Services

The energy industry requires technical services specialized for the design and management of geophysical inventory. MIDCON tailors these services to meet your needs.

Geophysical and Geological File Maintenance

MIDCON’s geophysical and geological file maintenance can be performed in-house or on-site.

Seismograph chart showing aftershocks of the Loma Prieta earthquake.
  • Software design
  • Inventory
  • File and re-file
  • Base-map generation
  • Full data-brokerage services
  • On-line data search tools
  • Storage and Reproduction Services

MIDCON offers off-site storage with complete in-house reproduction services, including:

Conversion of magnetic tape and other formats(9 track tapes, 8mm, DLT, 3480, LTO, Colorado, DVD, CD, External Drives,  FTP Site, Enterprise Level SAN, Floppy Disk (5 ¼ and 3 ½ ) and G&G Formats: SEGB, SEGC, SEGD, SEGY, SEGP1, West Code 4)

Archival of 9-track tapes to Exabyte due to our proprietary software.

MIDCON provides management services and viewing tools for Geophysical contracts and licenses.

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