Seismic Data Transfers

MIDCON has expertise in transferring non-proprietary seismic between seismic contractors and oil & gas companies. After a complete inventory of all seismic data from an acquisition, we will determine which data is proprietary and which is non-proprietary. We will coordinate the agreements with the oil & gas companies to allow for the transfer of their proprietary data to our client without a fee. We will also negotiate on our client’s behalf, any transfer fees associated with data owned by seismic contractors.

Over the years, MIDCON has become proficient in assisting companies during and after their acquisitions. We have been involved in mergers for many oil & gas companies. We can assist our customers in avoiding liabilities and keeping costs low for acquisitions. By storing with a third-party vendor such as MIDCON, we will help our customers in the determination of proprietary versus non-proprietary seismic data and help you avoid potential lawsuits by accidentally taking possession of licensed non-proprietary data. We have testified in court cases about our processes for the handling of data to validate the client’s position.

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