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Office Document Management Service in Oklahoma City & Houston Texas

Trying to replace company data can be devastating in terms of lost opportunities, whether due to natural or man-made disaster, negligence or disorganization. The fallout can be decreased customer confidence, reputation-management problems and legal issues. Off-site data storage has a number of advantages and can help you avoid these challenges. Knowing where your data is stored, and who is caring for it are of the utmost importance.

It’s your data – manage and track it with MIDCON Data Services online records portal (MCDS).

The application allows customers to manage in-house and off-site records – including digital/magnetic media – through a web-based system easily integrated with stand alone applications through our web interfaces.

Our MCDS online portal offers:

  •         Remote access 24 hours a day
  •         Document-file and/or box-level inventory
  •         The ability to schedule delivery and pickup of orders
  •         Bar code label printing
  •         Inventory reports and custom reports available
  •         Secured access
  •         Multiple-user levels with customizable access permissions
  •         Image repository for scanned documents
  •         Help-desk support
  •         IT support
  •         Item and transaction history

Here are a few considerations when looking for off-site data storage.

What to look for in a Records Center


The top priority, a facility should have security in place, the physical structure to withstand any kind of disaster, environmental controls and consistency, and should meet occupational health and safety standards.

What to expect from MIDCON. We maintain more than 250,000 square feet of secure, climate-controlled hard copy and vault storage space — and we own it, cutting out any third-party fees. Our fire suppression system is zoned and pre-activated, all delivery vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and we are a first responder for BMS Catastrophe. Think you’ll need those 8-year-old tax records but don’t have the box space? We do – easily filed and destruction-dated.


Quality service must meet the needs of the customer. This should include any issues around special requests, turnaround time, courteous and timely responses, training, convenience, accuracy and ease of use. Your service should also be available to you after normal business hours.

What to expect from MIDCON. Our practices revolve around flexibility and adaptability. Our attitude is “Well, if we haven’t done it before, we can figure out a way to get it done for you.” We manage documents from cradle to grave, from storage and indexing, to imaging, scanning and then, with destruction-dated storage, to shredding. Service with MIDCON is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Regular customer user-group meetings provide opportunities to have a voice in we offer and how we meet your needs.


Consider the many costs involved in space, facility, security, environment and the manpower required for in-house storage. Compare that to the lower costs for outsourcing storage needs, then add in the cost for quality services. Chances are outsourcing your data storage will save you money in the long-run.

What to expect from MIDCON. Investing in the protection of your data is a smart move and, with MIDCON, you’ll know what that investment is up front. Because we own our facility – it is not leased – we can provide cost-savings to customers by cutting out the middle-man. There are no hidden fees, and we allow you to efficiently control your records storage program while saving money. It’s much more cost effective to rent a slice of storage space as opposed to the $30,000-$40,000 capital expense of building a facility to meet the extreme needs of stability and climate-control.


Incredible industry technology means better service now and into the future. Look for adaptive and innovative systems that will add value and remain flexible as your media and scheduling needs change.

What to expect from MIDCON. MIDCON’s processes and online-records web application are constantly reviewed and updated by our process engineers and IT team. This ensures the smooth flow of day-to-day activity as well as user-friendly systems. We maintain the most current, adaptive and innovative technology possible, and our co-location system is critical in disaster recovery.