MIDCON can scan your physical records to the medium of your choice. No job is too large or small. Scanned documents can be stored or accessed through our secure on-line MCDS software, which can be indexed with up to 45 fields and multiple security levels to keep your records private and confidential. We can assist you with document inventory and pre-scanning preparation to make the process as easy as possible.


MIDCON offers electronic delivery of stored data – Scan-On-Demand. Scan-On-Demand offers the security of storing records offline with the convenience of having the same records available online.

With this system, MIDCON locates files or documents at a customer’s request, scans them in the requested format and sends them electronically to the customer in a timely manner, or makes them available on MIDCON’s secure web-based records management system (MCDS).

Scan-On-Demand is a cost-effective way to store your data without imaging/scanning all inventories. For example:

  •  A standard 1.2 cubic-foot box will hold an average of 2,175 documents.
  • Ten (10) boxes would contain approximately 21,750 documents.
  • The industry cost to remove staples and image those documents at 10 cents/document would be $2,175.
  • The cost to store that same volume would be $60 per year.

That’s a savings in cost of $2,127, or 98% over traditional imaging costs.

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