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How many physical records do you have stored around your organization? How long would you need to find the one record you’re looking for? On top of that, what if you lose them all in a flood, fire, or other disaster?


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Let MIDCON convert those physical records into digital ones, solving your storage, access, and redundancy problems. Send us a few sample records so we can show you how MIDCON can digitize your organizations’ records.


MIDCON Data converts microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, and paper records into digital images. We deliver resulting images, indexes, and database records on CD ROMs, DVDs, external hard drives, and via electronic transmission. Read More >

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MIDCON Data stores boxes of physical records in our secure records storage center. We retrieve and deliver either the requested physical records or converted digital images to clients with our Scan-on-Demand service. Read More >



MIDCON Data performs the on-demand destruction of physical records, providing certificates of destruction to our clients. We incinerate microform records and shred paper records. Read More >



MIDCON Data converts proprietary electronic data (i.e. images and database records) from legacy electronic document management systems into updated formats. We receive the old data on external hard drives, process the data into updated formats, and deliver the updated data in load files on external hard drives for import into the other content management system.


Once we agree on a plan for your project…send us your records; we’ll perform the conversion and deliver the digital results. It’s fast, affordable, and hassle-free, giving you the documents you need, just a click away. Join the thousands of customers that trust MIDCON with their digital conversions and get back to what you do best. No project is too large or too small, so contact us today at MIDCON Data Services!

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