Climate Controlled Storage Oklahoma City

Climate Controlled Storage in Oklahoma City, Ok

Does your business require secure, climate controlled storage for sensitive documents? MidCon Data offers storage solutions for businesses in the Houston area.  We have served hundreds of business across multiple industries and can meet the requirements of any industry standard.  We are the go to solution for industrial scale storage or small businesses.

Avoid the Risks of Self Storage

Often there businesses face an internal debate between renting traditional storage facilities or devoting a company’s own floorspace and resources to storage.  However, these solutions run the risk of damaging documents due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, weak security, and draining a companies limited resources.  The risk of humidity compromising document integrity is especially strong in climates like Texas.   Ruined documents may cause your company to violate industry guidelines, and can expose companies to great risk in an event like a lawsuit or audit.

MidCon Secures Documents While Saving Time & Money

MidCon will keep your documents in perfect condition.  Our facilities use the latest technology to mitigate temperature fluctuations and limit humidity levels.  We take the hassle out of document storage.  Simply drop off your documentation and our experienced staff will index and secure every piece of information.  Accessing your documents is simple and quick.  Our central Houston storage facility offers easy access for metro area businesses.

With MidCon, business do not need to deal with the hassle of finding storage space and devoting staffing to securing and organizing records.  We specialize in structured storage. Whenever access is required we can provide documents quickly.  Save your company the time and money document storage necessitates by choosing MidCon.  We provide customers access to indexing and file retrieval services that are better than anyone else in the industry.  Hundreds of reviews from satisfied customers can back our claim.

Regardless of age or current storage conditions MidCon will keep your documents in pristine condition.  Call today to learn more about our storage solutions and receive a free quote.

Midcon Data Services has an average rating of 4.9/5 from 9 reviews.