Why Is Off-Site Tape Storage The Best Disaster Recovery Strategy?

Data is the fulcrum around which all businesses revolve and flourish. Information pertaining to a number of clients and business processes is gathered, saved and retrieved whenever needed by effective data management systems. Several business organizations employ enormous painstaking efforts to store their most valuable assets as data with safety and security. However, during contingency situations, record storage in Houston, TX, plays a key role in providing off-site tape storage for the best disaster recovery policy.

Disasters, both natural and man-made, can bring severe and irreversible damage to your information or data. As a rule of thumb, people around the world generally store data as magnetic tapes in drawers, shelves or office cupboards probably placed next to the computer system. During a crisis situation or advent of disaster like flood or fire, the stored data tapes fall prey to serious damages that can leave your entire business paralyzed.

In order to deal with such troubling instances, record storage providers in Houston, TX, have come up with excellent ideas that really prove helpful and fruitful. This blog post brings you the top five benefits of choosing off-site tape storage that make it the best disaster recovery strategy.


Finance is the key to a successful business. Off-site tape storage is gaining massive popularity because it is really cost-effective. Storing data in a specific vault designed to ensure data safety by protecting it from disasters is indeed helpful. On one hand, it saves the huge cost of regenerating the damaged data, while on the other hand, it enhances productivity by allocating better use of available space.

Ensures Privacy and Security

A sudden encounter with an unpleasant or disastrous situation like fire, flood or chemical attacks can rob you of your valuable possessions necessary to run your business. With an aim to avoid such crises, experts have always recommended that you opt for off-site tape storage rather than in-house options. Storing data away from the workplace with optimum security measures ensures that your data does not fall into dishonest or unsafe hands even during disasters.

Data Safety and Retrieval

Record storage in Houston, TX, offered by commercial storage centers provides ample safety and security measures that also help in the timely retrieval of documents in the time of need. The professional off-site tape storage centers have tools like security cameras and fire suppression systems to keep a constant surveillance and provide optimum security for possibilities of floods, fires, etc.


A well-organized system is always a good system. Taking good care of the collection, arrangement and proper storage of data is the foremost step in managing data efficiently. Off-site tapes for storing data are nicely labelled and neatly ordered inside the allocated series of data. So it becomes very easy to manage information in the best possible way. During disasters, on-site data records get dispersed and damaged, while off-site storage tapes stay away from all the mess.

Legal Backing

Off-site tapes are attracting businesses worldwide, especially as record storage options in Houston, TX, because it is a legally backed process of storing data. Data today is valued as a priceless possession for all individuals and business hubs. Disasters are, of course, inevitable, and the loss they bring forth is irreparable. With an aim to claim data authenticity or ownership in the future, off-site records prove quite helpful. Thus it is essential to pay attention to the aspect of regulatory compliances. Since off-site tape storage policies unfailingly adhere to the prevalent rules and laws of data handling and storage, opting for off-site record storage in Houston, TX, is greatly rewarding.

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