Here in Tulsa, there is a wildfire raging all around. Under these circumstances, there is no saying that your house won’t experience a massive fire. It is therefore crucial to have preventive measures sorted out both on an individual as well as a business level. Due to ever-increasing fire incidents, the demand for the services of data recovery in Tulsa, OK, is gaining much significance. Some businesses are losing everything due to severe fire damages, while there are a few whose boat can be saved if they know the steps to approach this catastrophic situation.

Rebuilding lives is an area in which insurance plans help a lot, but what about valuable possessions? Data is an important possession for all business, big or small. Thus, it is essential to be extra cautious in handling fire-damaged hard drives and devices to ensure maximum data recovery. Seeing your badly burnt laptop might make you think that all your data has been lost and is irrecoverable. However, that isn’t the case if you follow a few handy tips.

The Disaster That Fire Can Bring Upon Your Media Device

When dealing with fire damages on a hard disk drive (HDD), it is important to understand that the severity of damage is dependent on the temperature of the fire. You probably know that the hard drive is housed inside a hard, thick enclosure that thankfully gives some protection from both heat and smoke. A hard drive is resistant to up to 100 degrees, but the data can be lost if the temperature rises up to 200 degrees or beyond. In this case, the drive can become corrupted.

Another major issue is with firefighters applying cold water to put out the fire. This is definitely necessary, but this extreme and sudden change in temperature can also cause significant hard drive damage. It is simple science: when water is applied to any device that has encountered severe burning, it will start folding or wrinkling like skin. This reduces the possibility of data recovery. Many overlook this factor, but the water can also potentially corrupt the internal files. Thus, to avoid further tampering, the damaged HDD must be serviced for data recovery in Tulsa, OK.

Tips for Recovering a Fire-Damaged Device:


Do Not Clean It Yourself

Dirt and soot are truly more damaging for an HDD, but if you try to clean it yourself, the pressure that you apply to wipe it off can damage the drive further. Avoid wet wipes or any kind of cloth material. Only the soot that comes off on the figures is enough. Leave the rest for data recovery experts.

Do Not Open It

Panic attacks over the thought of losing all your data will tempt you to open the drive. However, resist this temptation. Fire disasters potentially weaken the device, but opening it can cause catastrophic damage to the drive if a part accidentally becomes loose, which you obviously do not want.

Do Not Run It

Soot and heat damage can still be kept on a leash if the drive doesn’t move. But running the drive is totally out of the question if you want your data recovery attempts to be successful. Running the drive can help grit get into the interior of the hard drive if it hasn’t already.

Wait for Specialized Data Recovery Experts

You may be a computer expert, but for data recovery situations after severe damage, specialized technicians are the ones to bank on. In this case, the slightest of mistakes will not be forgiven and may lead to complete damage to the drive. It is therefore time to look at consulting services for data recovery as a long-term investment.


Keep It Clean

Take the laptop to a cleaner environment before making any attempts at opening it. More dirt will only make the situation worse.

Ground Yourself

The device has already become fragile and cannot survive any static shock. So, you have to ground yourself before you remove the drive.

Package It Carefully

Careful packaging of the damaged drive is crucial. Use shock-absorbent packaging.

Trust the Professionals

Take it to a professional in data recovery in Tulsa, OK, as soon as possible, because even after proper storage, a damaged HDD can degrade really fast.  

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