Best Tape Rotation Strategies For Data Recovery And Storage

Data refers to the information saved and shared as digital files through a variety of means over the World Wide Web. Since data or information is the life-blood of all digital operations in a business, the proper storage and easy retrieval of it is more than important to ensure a safe and secure collection.

We all are well familiar with a lot tools that lead to effective data storage and recovery so that data not just stays protected from attacks or malpractices but also remains easily accessible even from remote locations. Data is often confidential, because it involves sensitive information corresponding to the company and its clients. Thus it inevitably falls prey to attacks and malware threats. Ensuring optimum safety of data by employing a proper channel of storage and subsequent transfer is indeed worthwhile for data recovery in Oklahoma City.

Magnetic tapes are one such tool often employed to store and recover digital information, especially by the smaller business hubs that tend to look out for the most economical machinery. These tapes offer excellent backup for smaller companies and come to rescue them in situations of any data loss or damage caused by natural or human means.

Tape rotation is the strategy followed by a number of business firms, largely the smaller ones that wish to safely store data and recover it during crisis. Tape rotation is an integral part of an efficient data management system. The process of rotating magnetic tapes not just ensures effective storage and easy sharing of data files, but with that it helps in keeping the components of data well updated. The below points bring you the three best tape rotation strategies that prove really helpful for data recovery in Oklahoma City.

Grandfather Father Son Strategy

The element of optimum security and perfect ease of operations makes the Grandfather Father Son strategy of tape rotation so popular. It is very simple and runs on a traditional calendar. The smaller businesses often use this system to rotate backup tapes on daily, weekly and monthly bases. However, these tapes are stored permanently off-site, yet many companies use permanent storage either quarterly or yearly.

Six-Tape Rotation Strategy

As the name suggests, the six-tape rotation system of interchanging data tapes involves using six different tapes each day of the week to save and store digital information. Smaller businesses that generally do not manage a bulk of data need fast and active modes of storage and recovery of data. This particular system of rotation adopted by companies with limited data requirements is very easy and convenient to use.

Tower Of Hanoi Strategy

Apart from the above strategies of data tape rotation, there is another system that can also efficiently store and procure data for your business. Tower of Hanoi is the name for the system that uses five different sets of tapes to ensure data recovery. Even though this method of rotating tapes provides more security accompanied with greater flexibility, it fails to top the list of best tape rotation strategies. The complexity involved in the process coupled with the use of a nontraditional calendar makes it a little clumsy and peculiar.

Data is the most important thing that keeps the virtual world of the internet going. Without ample options for data recovery in Oklahoma City, the digital lives and businesses of those living there can never flourish. Therefore, taking good care of data through data rotation strategies is both essential and fruitful.

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